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Agrian believes that Good Agriculture Practices (GAP) can only be executed on a foundation of good information. Our Label Lookup program is free to all users, and free for manufacturer participants. Agrian's Label Lookup is:


Backed by hundreds of supporting manufacturers, the Agrian's label database contains over 6,100 manufacturer-guaranteed products. Every entry includes the manufacturer's label and supporting documents including MSDS, Section 24c, 2EE and organic certificates.


Anyone can access Agrian's Label Lookup function from a computer or mobile device with an Internet connection. Our high-performance database delivers lightning-fast performance -- a critical benefit when you're in the field or in any situation that requires fast answers. You can also print a brief label summary of search results.


Agrian provides Label Lookup access to our label database as a service to the agrifood industry. No login is required. You can also embed the Label Lookup in to any website, free.


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